Refund policy

10. Right of withdrawal
10.1 The user that issued the customer quality have the right to withdrawal to consulted contract with “The Store”, without must specify the motive, within fourteenth (14) days of calendar (Withdrawal Period).
The withdrawal period expired after 14 days:
A) In the event of the order related to only one product, from the day which the user or third person, different from the carrier and designer from the user, acquire physical possession of the Product;
D) In the event of Multiple Order with separate delivery, from the day which the user or third person, different from the carrier and designer from the user, acquire physical possession of the Product;
E) In the event of an order relative at the delivery of the Product considerable of lots or multiple pieces, from the day which the user or third person, different from the carrier and designer from the user, acquire physical possession of the Product;
10.2 Employ right of withdrawal
To employ the right of withdrawal in relationship with an order, the user must inform “The Store” of his decision of recede, before of the expired of withdrawal period.
To realize the request, will be enough connect to own area “my account” of the site and select the entry “orders”. Successively the user will have to select the order and the product/s that want return. Can be complete the return request filling out return motive and possible additional note.
At the end of procedure, the customer, can print the return receipt to enclose with package and shipping all at: THE STORE - VIA SOLFERINO, 7 - 20121 MILANO (MI).
If the right of withdrawal will be exercising after the delivery of the product, shipping costs related at the return will be place at the expense of the user.
10.3 The user, after have exercised the right of withdrawal with the way indicated at the previous Art. 10.2 and 10.3, has to provide for return the product at “The Store” utilizing the carrier that he prefer.
The print receipt with return number will be attach at the package.
Shipping cost of return and possible customs duty (when provided) will be always at the customer’s expense. The return of the product at “The Store” happens under the responsibility of user.
10.4 If the user recedes the contract within withdrawal period, “The Store” will proceed at the refund of the amount paid from the user without underarmed delay and in any case within a maximum of 14 days of calendar from the day when the product will arrive near the warehouse “The Store” and the item of clothing will be verify. The refund will be effectuated utilizing the same payment method utilized from the user for starting transaction, without prejudice that the user has not expressly agreed otherwise; In any case, the user shall not support some cost as consequence of aforementioned refund.
The safety seal present on the items that return should not be neither cut nor broken. The item of clothing should not have been worn, washed or alterated and these should not present none used mark. The sole of the shoes should be in perfect conditions and not to present any kind of mark. Any item of clothing should be returned inclusive of all tag, package and original accessory (Dustbags, crutch, dress cover, etc.) received together at the order. All shoes and accessorie should be returned together with their original box, that is considered effectively integral part of the product and the should not be damage in no way and/or broken, neither utilized like unique external packaging. The returned should be sent saving the integrity of product and may take place with a delicate box purchased or supplied by the user.
10.6 “The Store” reserves the right to ask photo proof before authorize returned for defective merchandise and assume the shipping charges for the returned of merchandise in your own space. Beachwear and underwear (Bikini, slip, boxer, etc) should be tried over personal underwear. The returned of aforementioned items will be refused and send back at the customer in the event that the transparent tag of sanitary protection has been removed, or in the event that the item of clothing present kind of mark.
10.7 The user is responsible only for decrease of the item value consequent from a manipulation of the Product different than those required to establish the nature, the characteristic and the operation of the Product. The product should be supervised, manipulated and inspected with normal diligence and returned intact, complete of all his part, perfectly functioning, equipped of all his accessories and all descriptive sheet, with identifying marks, tags and disposable seal, where present, still attached at the Product and complete and not manipulated, as well as perfectly suitable at the use which it is intended and without use marks or filth. Therefore it can be used in relationship at part and/or accessories (that do not constitute independent product) of the Product.
10.8 In the event that the termination has not been practice accurately to how expected applicable regulations, this do not involve the resolution of the contract and, consequently, won’t give the right at any refund. “The Store” will give communication at the user within 5 working days from the delivery of the product, rejecting withdrawal request. The product, if arrived at “The Store” will remain at “The Store” at disposition of the user for the pick up that make take place at expense and under the responsibility of the same user.
10.9 In the event that the product for which have been practiced withdrawal has undergone a value reduction consequent to a manipulation of the items different from necessary to establish the nature, the features and the operation of the product, the refund amount will be reduced of an amount equal at the reduction of the value. From the circumstance and from the consequence reduction of refund amount “The Store” will give notice at the user within 5 working days from the delay of the product, supplied at the same, in the vent that the refund has already been corresponded, the bank account details for payment of the amount due to the user because of reduction of the product value.
10.10 In the event that, resorting one of the hypothesis of law, the Right of withdrawal can’t find the application, about aforementioned exclusion will be give specific and express notice in Product Sheet and, in any case, during the purchase procedure, before that the user proceed at the transmission of the order. In any case , it is recalled at the user that, in accordance with the Art. 59 of the Code of Consumption, the right of withdrawal is excluded, besides which, in the event that the sale has in subject:
A) Tailor-made products or clearly personalized;
B) Products that rick to deteriorate or expire rapidly;