Privacy policy

The present policy is written, in accordance with Article 13 Privacy Code, by “The Store”, with regard to personal data given by the user during the access and/or the registration or purchase on the site and also according to the law of personal data protection applicable particularly of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
In the following policy we want inform you on how we treat your personal data and about your right.
This Privacy Policy has been designed with the intent to inform you our procedure in the field of consent, data collection, employment and divulgation of personal data.
The Store treat your personal data in the event of your personal data are necessary for the execution of the contract of which you are part in reference to the Art. 4 GDPR on the basis of declaration of consent and the Art 6 clause 1. GDPR in the basis of legitimate interests in compliance with the Art. 9 GDPR with regard to the treat of specific category of personal data.
The store can transfer Your personal data to governmental authorities, courthouse, external consultants, and their parties akin to public body, to the extent required or permitted by the applicable law, for ex. if is necessary the treat of personal data for the pursuit of legitimate interests of The Store.
In so far as the personal data processing is based on the balancing of interest and therefore on the balancing of legitimate interest of the owner Art. 6 clause 1 f GDPR, are available on request further information about the exam of balancing interests.
The Store preserves Your personal data as long as are necessary for the achievement of goal for which they were collected.
Furthermore, The Store preserves personal data if it is request from legal requirements.
With regard to Your personal data processing you have the following right, of whom, anyway, can be limited on the basis of the national law about personal data protection applicable:
In accordance to the Art. 15 GDPR, you have the right of access respect personal data conserved by The Store.
This means that you have the right to obtain confirmation from our part whether or not underway the processing of Your personal data, in this event, you can ask the access of personal data. The information relating to the access include - amongst - the purposes of the processing operation, the category of personal data and the subjects or the category of subjects whose personal data have been or will be communicated. However, this aren’t an absolute right and the interests of other subjects can limited your access.
You have the right to obtain a copy of personal data object of processing. In the event of additional copy requests from you, we can charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative cost incurred.
The access right can be limited in certain circumstances.
In accordance to the Art. 16 GDPR you have the right to obtain the correction of incorrect personal data.
This means that you have the right to obtain the correction of personal data incorrect that concerns you. Taken in consideration of the processing goals, you can have the right to obtain the integration of your incomplete personal data, also providing supplementary declaration. In accordance to the Art. 17 GDPR you have the right of cancellation of your personal data.
This means that in certain circumstance, you can have the right to obtain on our part the cancellation of your personal data and we can have the obligation to delete aforementioned personal data.
The cancellation right of data can be limited in certain circumstance.
In accordance to the Art. 18 GDPR you have the right to obtain the limitation of personal data processing.
This means that, in the event, respective data will be marked and can be processed from us only in for certain goals (for ex. with your approval or to bring legal proceedings).
In accordance to the Art. 20 GDPR, in certain circumstance, you can have the right to receive in a structured format, in common use and legible from automatic device you personal data that you supplied us and can have the right to ask the transmission of aforementioned data to an other owner for the processing without hindrance from us.
If you supplied Your approval for the processing of personal data to The Store, you can revoke the approval any time with future effect.
Aforementioned revoked will not compromise the lawfulness of processing based on the approval before the revoke.
You can modify any time Your preferences inside “My account” area of Site.
You have the right to move a complaint to the Control authority for data protection, particularly in a EU state in which you reside habitually or in a EU state in which of alleged violation of GDPR.
Please read carefully this present policy before use or send information on Site.
All content of this Site are property and/or regulated from The Store and are protected from the international copyright law.
Whit current policy means supply every more useful information about personal data processing of the visitor of the Site and to those who purchase the product available inside the Site.
If you want refined the enrollment process and/or enjoyed Site service by the access of reserved areas (ex: to make a purchase and the specious activity, therein the operation connected to administrative and financial fulfillment. Etc.)
We ask you to complite specific field and to accept current policy.
The conferment of data of which inside enrollment form and/or product purchase isn’t compulsory.
However, we need to inform you that above-mentioned conferment of data is aimed to the execution of the order and to the conclusion of the contract.
Your possible refusal can determinate the impossibility to complite products purchased and/or services requested.
Personal data collected will be processed, with mainly electronic manner and, only in a rare instances, will be in a paper manner.
The Store treats visitor data of Site and purchaser data for the purposes of management, and also for the conclusion and execution of business deal concerning products purchase through the same site.

Privacy Policy change
This policy about Privacy may require from time to time an update - for ex. because of implementation of new technology or for the introduction of new service. We reserve the right of modify or integrate the current Privacy Policy any time. We will publish the change on the site and/or you’ll be notified consequently (for ex. via e-mail)

What are cookie
The cookie are a small text file exchanged between the web site visited and the computer that are memorized on computer, tablet, smartphone, mobile phone and on any device utilized to surfing in Internet, able to memorize surfing information of the user and his preference. When you visit again the same site, the browser check the presence of recognized cookie so that it can read the information inside contained guaranteed, in this way, a more easy web surfing for the user.
Various cookie contain different informations and are utilized for different goal (the execution of IT authentication, session monitoring, memorization of information on specific configurations concerning the user that access at server, memorization of preferences, etc.)
During web surfing the user can receive on his computer also cookie send from different site (so-called third parties), in which can be located some elements present on site that the user are visiting (for ex. Image, map, sound, specific link on a page of other domain. Etc)
In wider terms , some cookie (defined session cookie) are memorized on the computer of the user only for the duration of the access at the site and expire automatically at the closure of the browser. Other cookies, defined persistent, remain in the computer for a extended period.

Types of cookie
Cookie can be classified in:
Session cookie: are removed when the user close the browser and that, therefore, have a limited duration on display.
Persistent cookie: that remain in the device utilized to surfing in internet specific period.
Owner cookie and third parties cookie: depending on they belong at the owner of the web site or they belong at third parties.
Our site utilized the following categories of cookie:
Strictly necessary Cookie.
This Cookie are essential for the correct operation of our web site and to utilize and/or improve various function and required services. Without this cookie can’t be possible manage and remember, mere title exemplify, the user authentication, the access at reserved area of internet site, the contents of cart for online purchase, the electronics invoicing, the realization of order purchase process.
In accordance with the directive 2009/136/CE, acknowledged to LD. 28 May 2012 n. 69, and the measure of guarantor for the protection of personal data related at the Identification of the simplify manner for the office circular and the approval acquisition for the use of cookie of 8 May 2014, published on the Official Publication Containing The Text Of New Laws n. 126 of 3 June 2014, being the technical cookies fundamental for the correct operation of a web site can be utilized also without prior approval of the user, it being understood office circular obligation in accordance with the Art. 13 of Cookie privacy.

Analysis Cookie (cd. Analytics cookie).
The application of this cookie is fundamental to perfect surfing experience of our user on site monitoring and analyzing their behavior (for ex., holding track of the pages visualized frequently, preference of the user, products already visualized in order to avoid that they are propose again as well as to evaluate if the advertising published on the site be efficient or not). Aforementioned data, being aggregates, do not allow to identify personally the user and, therefore, are nameless.

The site use also the web analysis service Google Analytics supplied by Google. In particular, Google Analytics utilized cookie (both temporary and persistent) in order to gather, anonymously, data on the application manner of our web site on behalf of the users (included IP address) that will be posted from the browser to the user on the Google server with headquarters in the United States of America.
Additional informations with regard to Google Analytics service and the procedure to follow to disable cookie can be found at the following network connection:

Advertising cookie and behavioral advertising
This cookie are utilized to the Society to gather data on the surfing routines and the preferences of the user in order to develop specific profile for the personalizations of the commercial offer, to the completion of market research or remote retail sales.
The user can decide to refuse the use of this category of cookie utilizing the opt-out tool expected in the setting up page of own browser, or according to as much as specified below.
Third parties and Social Media cookie.
Our web site can permit the use of third parties cookie that could gather data about repositioning of the user in Internet.
Moreover, some pages on our web site are characterised by the presence of cd. Social plugin which allow the sharing of our contents on the social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
Third parties cookie aren’t under our control and, therefore, for additional informations about how the third parties use cookie, We suggest to visit the third parties web site.
Additional informations about cookie policy adopted to more important social media network, can be find click on the following network connections:


Revocation and consent at the use of cookie
The consent use of cookie lended initially click on the “ok” key placed inside breve/banner initial office circular or click on any part of web page and can be revoked in every moment on request of the user.
To allow the deactivation of cookie, can be use the information purposely indicated in the linee guide of browser in use. Each browser have different setting for the deactivation of cookie; Below we suggest the network connection at the instruction of deactivation supplied to browser more common:

Microsoft Internet Explorer;
Google Chrome;
Apple Safari;
Mozilla Firefox;

Conservation of data
The duration of cookie depends of his disposition: session cookie expires when the user close the browser; persistent cookie have typical deadline, unless of specific exceptions, do not exceed 20 years.

Change of cookie policy
The Society reserves the authority to bring about some change at the current cookie policy. Therefore the user is encouraged to visit periodically this page to be informed on possible changes.